Sunday, July 22, 2012

Units of a Computer

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In my last post i mentioned that a computer has 4 basic functions, Yes! can you remember?

1. A computer accept data (unorganized, uncategorized, unarranged unprocessed text, figures or collection of physical/digital raw fact that makes little or no sense for human use are called data)

2. A computer process data (organizing, arranging, categorizing of collected data to make meaningful information)

3. A computer provide information (based on set of software/programs to present information to a user in an organized, arranged and analyzed form which makes sense and very useful to a user.

4. A computer store data/information for future retrieval.


Now let us see each parts of a computer that handles the above basic functions.

*Input devices are used to pass data/instruction to the computer

*Processing devices are used to process data on a computer

*Output devices are used to display the processed data on a computer

*Storage devices are used to store data or information on the computer.

Generally, a computer device must have the basic parts to allow the basic functions mentioned above.


*Input unit e.g a keyboard, mouse
*Processing unit e.g CPU
*Output Unit e.g Monitor/Screen
*Storage Unit e.g. Hard disk drive

Can you give me more examples of each unit of a computer?

Remember a computer is not complete if it does not have the units mentioned (of course with software or programs to coordinate and manage all the units) every other units or parts of the computer aside the basic units are called PERIPHERALS.

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Introduction to Computer


If you are reading this then you are probably using a computer (or mobile phone) to read this piece of information. Not to worry, so many people make use of computers everyday of their lives and yet know little about the Computer itself that's surprising.

I have researched various methods to make sure this free computer lessons are delivered easily and straight to the point to make the learning interesting especially for beginners and those who actually would like to know what really makes the computer work.

Simply put a Computer is an electronic machine that can do basically 4 things which are;

*Input - accept data (don't worry we shall discuss data soon)
*Processing - process data
*Output - produce information
*Storage - store data/information

So simple! a good example of a computer is the calculator - you punch in figures (raw data), use the operands key such as + - x % etc to process the numbers you are keying in and the screen helps display both the numbers you entered and the results of an operation. the M+ key helps store a calculation you performed and would want to recall later. so simple!

Although computers vary depending on their functions, a computer can perform tasks such as calculations or electronic communication, based on the set of instructions called a program/software. Programs/Software usually reside within the computer and are retrieved and processed by the computer’s electronics.

Computers perform tasks more reliably, accurately, and quickly than human can do.


Computers are very useful to us. We can use the computer to

1. Store and retrieve large amount of data or information
2. Teach and learn (e-learning or as a learning aid)
3. Communicate (voice, text and video communication)
4. Buy and sell (e-commerce)
5. Design and model of visualized products
6. Weather forecast
7. Research

I want you to add your own use of the computer in 8,9,10 above.

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